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Anger Management Course


This course is for individuals who have difficulty dealing with their anger. Anger is such a powerful emotion that it affects many areas of our life and can lead to relationship, social and legal problems. Of particular interest is the inappropriate expression of anger toward significant individuals in our life, especially our partner.

The purpose of the course is to help participants become more aware of their anger and its origins and to express it in more effective ways. Further problems with anger can be reduced or eliminated by practising the techniques that are discussed during the course.

The following is an outline of the course.

Session 1 Introductions. Components of anger. Time-out technique.

Session 2 The Hostility Questionnaire. Cognitive techniques.

Session 3 Cognitive techniques (continued). Physical aspects of anger. Relaxation techniques. Changing angry behaviours.

Session 4 Manhood. Feelings. Needs. Losses. Self-esteem

Session 5 Partner abuse. Cycle of abuse. Power and control in relationships.

Session 6 Communication. Conflict resolution.

Session 7 Boundaries. Our fathers. Family-of-origin. Parenting styles.

Session 8 Assertiveness. Others’ anger.

Session 9 Review of course.

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