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BC boy abducted six years ago has been found

Posted by menbc.ca on June 2, 2011 at 5:44 PM

This blog was prompted by the news (Metronews, June 2, 2011) that a  BC boy who vanished six years ago has been found in Arizona. The boy, now 10, is to be reuinted with his father who had custody of him at the time of his disppearance.

Parental abductions are abusive of children. They are relatively rare compared to other forms of abuse that are specific to separation and divorce, namely, access denial, parental alienation, and false allegations. Such children grow up living in hiding and living a lie. Their world is turned upside down. While their reunification is welcomed, the relationship between father and son, at least initially, could be awkward and fraught with emotional challenges.

Other issues related to this case include: the state of mind of the abducting parent; the state of mind of the parent from whom the child was taken away; the need for preventive measures, for example classes on managing emotions during separation and divorce, not only Parenting After Separation workshops, mediation and amber alerts.

Dr. Jerry Arthur-Wong, Executive Director


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