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Hello, I've been typing this letter and deleting it for weeks now, many variations to a few different people in your family, the cold reality keeps holding, I don't know what exactally to say? I'm sorry dosent begin to explain it, I can't wait to perish becuse the torment of my afterlife will be a relief compaired to the torment I suffer every day in this realm, that comes about the closest. I hope some people in your family understand i didn't simply mean to abandon marshall and miranda, and there are different sides to most stories, ( please don't think for a second I am trying to make excuses for how badly I have ashamed my own family). After hearing how much better off some one is without someone like me in there life, well I can't say as I can argue that fact, dosent stop me from thinking about those children every 8 or 9 seconds and hoping that it is true and they are as magnificent as I know that they are, weather they think about me in a good light, a bad light, or at all, isn't important to me, I just would like it if you or someone could send me some pictures of them? Maby tell me what they are like? I have spied on them a little on here but I don't really want to put them thu the drama that I have put them thu, I miss them terribly I hope today I can finally hit the send button
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