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Hello all,

I am looking at the prospect of a nasty separation when it comes to whether our 1 year old will be living with her mother 100% of the time, or be able to live with me (her father) 50%.  Her mother tells me the law will dictate that up to the age of 3, the baby stays and sleeps with the mother.  If it matters, our baby stopped breastfeeding a couple of months ago.  There are no issues in terms of my ability or the mother's with regards to parenting, suppporting, creating a safe/loving household, etc.

I am looking for accurate information around what I can expect, and whether the new Family Law Act in March changes anything.  Short of engaging and paying for a lawyer, are there any links that I can read on what decisions are typically made (in or out of courts) when the child is this young.

Thanks so much.

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