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46 years old
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Barry Smith
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II just moved to beautiful BC last July, I'm self-employed with a great sales & marketing business. I'm very proud to say I've been self-employed successfully for over 25 years with a business that has allowed me to see many parts of the world. My desire is to continue travelling the world meeting great and interesting people. I am the proud father of two adult children one of which currently still live in Manitoba. I enjoy socializing and being entertained. My interests are all types of LIVE entertainment, music (Jazz and R&B preferably), Football (Sunday & Monday Night), golfing & skiing (not that good at either one, but LOVE being there). I love to laugh and make people laugh. I'm a bit of a joker, but can be very serious and intimate when appropriate.


62 years old
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63 years old
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Mentally & physically abused for 14 of 16 years of marriage and always treated like the bad guy by police and the system


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I'm separated from my ex wife 6 years. She abandoned the children in Singapore,then 4.5 years later got sole custody in California and BC court claiming child abuse. We had 2 great children 8 and 10. She is alienating the children from me and after me raising them for 7 and 9 years respectively they will not speak to me. I refuse to pay BC court ordered child support and expect to be jailed and go on a hunger strike as a result. 

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41 years old
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43 years old
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About Me

Father of one boy, born oct 20, 2009.  Living with his mother 87kms from me, 

Darcie Dyer

56 years old


About Me

Very recently divorced, and currently struggling to see my kids more often. Living in Surrey BC.

David J Ashcroft
43 years old
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42 years old
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