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Father-daughter Research

Court System Bad/Corrupt

Have you been the victim of a bad or corrupt court system? For example, have your constitutional rights been violated, have serious errors/omissions/fabrications been made in your court case, have lawyers/judges/others acted unprofessionally? A reporter in Ontario wants to talk to you. Contact Sean at

Paternity Fraud

A survey on paternity fraud is being conducted by Dr. Sharon Squires. For more information go to

Jailed for Inability to Pay Child Support?

Have you been jailed for being unable to pay child support based on the Federal Child Support Guidelines? Kevin Gardner has been approached by a law firm that is looking to address this issue throughout Canada (except Quebec). Contact Kevin at

Dad And Me Morning

Marpole Oakridge Family Place, Vancouver, offers a breakfast on Saturday mornings for fathers and children 0-6 years of age.

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